Jonathan Beever

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Department of Philosophy
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
Sound, Silence, Environments Lab: The Philosophy of Soundscape Ecology
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The Sound, Silence, Environments Lab (Beever, PI) was founded in 2016, with support from a UCF Advancement of Early Career Researchers grant. The lab is focused on the philosophy of soundscape ecology (the study of the biological, geophysical, and anthropogenic sounds that emanate from landscapes), examining methodological, conceptual, and ethical issues in this emerging branch of conservation science.

He studies the nature and value of soundscapes as they relate both human cultural and nonhuman experiences. Beever is interested in questions including the extent to which big-data algorithmic sound analysis techniques reflect the experience of listening, how digital abstraction can support or challenge conservation values, and the nature of the relationship between listening-to and listening-as.

    - Download a tool for soundscape analysis here:
    - See one of my student's work on this project here:
    - Watch a video interview on this work
    - Watch a video produced by one of his students

Current data sets under analysis include:
    - Central Florida Zoo partnerships using "listening-to" methodologies to understand noise profile impacts on animal residents
            - giraffe 2017-09-27 - 2018-01-25, 48 kHz, 16 bit, 1 hour periodically across day
            - black bear 2017-09-27 to 2018-01-12, 96 kHz, 16 bit
            - cougar (shorter set, a few weeks later), 96 kHz, 16 bit
    - Hurricane Irma in Central Florida (2017-Sept-07 to 2017-Sept-11, two sites, 96 kHz to 16 bit, 10 min every hour)
    - 2018 Solar Eclipse in Central Florida (2017-Jun-02 to 2017-Jun-22 continuous, two sites, 48 kHz, 16 bit)
    - UCF Arboretum (longitudinal ongoing recording to track change over time and baseline for proposed changes of conversation of unmanaged natural space to solar farm - 2017.8.25 to present, 96 Khz, 16 bit, 10 minutes every hour)
    - "Liminal Space" project (2017-06-02 to 2017-06-20 (to 07-03 for two of three sites), three sites, 96 kHz, 16 bit, 10 min every hour)

More details on methodologies, results, and impact are forthcoming.