Jonathan Beever

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Department of Philosophy
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
Florida House Bill 7 (2022), currently facing legal challenges, has made national news for its overreach into the academic freedom of teachers and faculty as well as its chilling effect on classroom discussions.

You can read the final text of the bill here:

Before that bill was passed, faculty in several University of Central Florida departments had drafted, passed, and posted their own anti-racism statements.  Those at the department levels have all now been removed from webpages, on the order of the Provost. The University-level statements remain on live public-facing webpages.

Given the wide interest and broad ethical implications of these shifts in state policy and academic response, I have collected as many of those anti-racism statements as I could find using the Internet WayBack Machine, web searches, and personal connections. Note that the WayBack Machine does not crawl every site daily, so dates listed for removed statements are the last-crawled dates from the Machine, not the last date these statements were live).